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5 Signs Your Home Generator Needs Repairs

5 Signs Your Home Generator Needs Repairs

South Carolina homeowners understand the importance of a standby generator. In the face of unpredictable weather and power outages, standby generators are the ultimate saviors, ensuring a seamless power, electricity and gas supply to your home or business. When it comes to generator maintenance and repairs, trust GenCo Generators – a reputable local business specializing in Generac and Trane generator repairs.

With our extensive experience, we understand that identifying the signs of a generator needing repair can be challenging for homeowners. Let’s investigate the telltale signs indicating electrical and mechanical trouble with your home-powered standby generator. It may need immediate generator maintenance, repair service, or future attention.

Immediate Repairs: Safety and Functionality First

1. Unusual Noises or Vibrations

Your generator should operate smoothly with minimal sound. If it’s making unusual noises like banging, rattling, or squealing, it’s an immediate sign of serious trouble. Excessive vibration is another obvious sign and a key indicator of serious generator problems or further damage. These strange noises could point to electrical issues with the engine, the cooling system, or other internal electrical or mechanical components, requiring service, expensive repairs, or even the purchase of a new generator.

2. Visible Smoke or Leaking Fluids

Seeing smoke, detecting a gas leak, or noticing strange odors around your generator are sure signs of trouble. Smoke often indicates a problem with burning oil or other mechanical issues, while leaking fluids could point to potential problems with the generator’s cooling system, air filters, fuel lines, battery or oil reservoir.

3. Failure to Start or Operate

The most evident sign that your generator needs immediate repair is if it fails to start or operate correctly. Regular testing ensures your generator starts and will function when needed. If it refuses to start or has start-up delays for long periods of time, it’s time to call in the professionals.

A generator maintenance and service professional on location troubleshooting a generator

Potential Future Repairs: Prioritizing Long-term Reliability

4. Inconsistent Power Output

If your generator has an inconsistent power supply, it’s a sign of potential future trouble. This inconsistency may not cause immediate power flow issues or outages, but it’s crucial to address it early to prevent significant problems.

5. Frequent or Unexplained Alarm Codes

Modern generators have a control panel to alert you of operational issues. If you notice frequent or unexplained alarm codes or flickering lights, it could be a sign of a problem brewing beneath the surface of the unit. Pay attention to these signs; they are your early warnings.

The Importance of Timely Repairs

The signs mentioned above are clear indicators that your generator needs attention, either immediately or in the near future. Prompt action is essential to avoid costly breakdowns, protect against safety hazards, and provide an uninterrupted power supply during critical times. Ignoring these signs could lead to major mechanical failures, rendering your generator useless when needed. Remember, proactive maintenance is always more cost-effective than reactive repairs.

Moreover, frequent inspection and timely repair of your generator help ensure its long-term efficiency and reliability. This practice will extend its life and ensure it remains operational for years.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Top Priority

As South Carolina homeowners, don’t let a faulty generator catch you off-guard. GenCo Generators is committed to providing expert generator repair and maintenance services around the clock. If you notice any of the above signs, please contact us.

We’re just a call away, ready to provide prompt, reliable service that optimizes your generator functions when needed. With GenCo Generators at your service, you can know that your home will always have a reliable power supply.

Remember, your backup generator is a significant investment in the safety and comfort of your home or business. Make sure it’s always in top shape with regular maintenance and timely repairs from GenCo Generators. We’re here to provide South Carolina homeowners with top-tier, reliable generator service and repair. Contact us today, and let’s keep your power running smoothly and uninterrupted, even during the most challenging times.

The GenCo Generators Promise

At GenCo Generators, we value your trust and the responsibility that comes with it. We take pride in our team of professional technicians specially trained to handle all Generac and Trane generator issues. Using cutting-edge diagnostic tools and following the industry’s best practices, we are fully equipped to diagnose, repair, and maintain your whole house generator to the highest standards.

Our comprehensive maintenance plans are designed to prevent potential issues before they become significant problems. Our technicians will inspect, clean, test, and adjust your generator’s essential electrical components throughout, ensuring they are in optimal working condition.

Don't Wait - Act Now

Don’t wait until your power goes out during a storm to find out your backup generator isn’t working correctly. Be proactive in maintaining your generator’s health and longevity. Watch out for the signs mentioned above; if you notice any of them, it’s time to act.

Contact GenCo Generators right away. Our professional and courteous team is ready to serve you any time of the day or night. We understand that power emergencies don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule, so we’re always ready to get your generator up and running, ensuring your home never goes without power.

With GenCo Generators by your side, you’re always ready for whatever life throws your way. Your peace of mind is our utmost priority, and we promise to keep your standby generator in top-notch condition, ensuring you have a reliable power supply whenever you need it. Let us worry about your generator so that you can enjoy uninterrupted comfort and safety at home. Reach out to GenCo Generators today – your reliable, uninterrupted power partner.

Trane & Generac Maintenance Plans For South Carolina

Generator Preventative Maintenance

As the only full service generator company we are aware that you made a significant investment when you purchased your home generator. We also understand that it is critical that your generator has routine maintenance conducted and inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it operates as it is designed to when you have the need. We have a variety of service options for you and we would be honored to help you keep your generator running to protect your home and family.

 Please Note that Manufacturer Warranty May Be Voided if proof of  annual maintenance cannot be provided by the homeowner upon request by the manufacturer!

Level 1 Monthly Plan


Level 2 Monthly Plan


Level 3 Monthly Plan