Making the Best Choice in Beaufort, SC

Comparing Diesel, Propane, and Natural Gas as Fuel Types for Generators

Fuel Types for Generator

Being prepared for unexpected power outages is a critical part of homeownership, especially in Beaufort, South Carolina, where unpredictable weather can lead to unplanned disruptions. A key to this preparedness lies in having a reliable backup generator. However, the fuel source for your generator is equally as important as the device itself. Let’s compare three popular generator fuel types—diesel fuel, propane, and natural gas—and help you make the most informed choice for your Beaufort home.

Diesel Fuel for a Generator


  • Powerful: Diesel generators are known for their robust output, providing ample backup power during extensive power outages.
  • Efficiency: Diesel fuel boasts higher energy density, meaning you get more energy per gallon compared to other fuels.
  • Availability: Diesel is a widely available fuel source, making it a convenient choice for many homeowners.


  • Noise: Diesel generators are known to be louder than their counterparts.
  • Maintenance: Diesel generators require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly.
  • Environmental Impact: Diesel engines emit more greenhouse gases compared to propane and natural gas.
Image of commercial diesel generator

Propane Fuel for a Generator


  • Clean-Burning: A propane generator burns cleaner than a diesel generator, producing fewer pollutants.
  • Long Shelf-Life: Propane doesn’t degrade over time, making it an excellent option for long-term storage.
  • Quiet Operation: Propane generators running on propane or liquid propane tend to operate more quietly than those using diesel generators.


  • Storage Requirements: Propane must be stored in a tank, which may be bulky and requires a safe location.
  • Lower Energy Density: Propane provides less energy per gallon compared to diesel.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Propane performance can be affected by extreme cold.
propane standby generators installed for emergency backup

Natural Gas for a Generator


  • Convenience: A natural gas generator can be piped directly from the utility, eliminating the need for on-site storage.
  • Cleanest Fossil Fuel: Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, reducing your environmental impact.
  • Abundant and Reliable: In Beaufort, natural gas is abundant, and the supply is usually consistent.


  • Lower Power Output: Natural gas generators may not provide as much power as their diesel counterparts.
  • Dependent on Infrastructure: If the gas supply is disrupted due to extreme weather or other emergencies, your natural gas generator will not function.
a power outage & backup generators giving a steady supply of light

The Importance of Choosing the Right Fuel Type

Choosing the right generator fuel type for your home generator is a crucial decision that should balance availability, efficiency, environmental impact, and personal preference. Whether you choose diesel, propane, or natural gas, the end goal is the same: reliable power during outages.

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Understanding Your Needs

When choosing the fuel type for your generator, consider factors such as:

  • Energy requirements: What appliances or systems will the generator be expected to run during an outage? This can guide the size and power output needed from your generator.
  • Fuel availability: Depending on where you live in Beaufort, certain fuel types may be more readily available than others.
  • Environmental considerations: Some homeowners prefer to choose the cleanest burning fuel source to minimize their environmental impact.

Why Choose GenCo Generators?

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Our team of experts will provide an in-depth consultation to understand your needs and guide you in selecting the most appropriate generator and fuel type.

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