Standby Generators vs. Portable Generators

Portable Generators: A Good Option for Beaufort Homes?

Portable Generators: A Good Option for Beaufort Homes?

If you live in a region that fights through hurricane season and severe weather, such as Beaufort, South Carolina, having a backup generator handy is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. But with options like Generac and Trane standby generators, how do you decide which generator is right for you, your budget, and your house? 

Let’s discuss the merits of these generators and why GenCo Generators recommends installing a home standby generator over a portable generator for homeowners in Beaufort.

Standby Generators vs. Portable Generators

Standby generators, like those from Generac and Trane, are permanently installed equipment that automatically provides emergency electricity to your home in the event of serious weather conditions or an electricity outage. These powerful units run on fuel, either natural gas or propane, and deliver seamless, uninterrupted emergency power.

On the other hand, portable generators are smaller, movable units that you manually start and run on unleaded gas. They can keep the lights on and power selected appliances and basic medical equipment and are commonly used for a camping trip or at work sites.

So, why would a homeowner in Beaufort prefer to install a standby generator over using a portable one? Here are five compelling reasons:

1. Power Output

Standby generators are designed to power your whole house, ensuring all your household appliances and devices run smoothly during an electrical power outage. No more spoiled food! In contrast, portable generators can only supply electrical power to a limited number of appliances at once.

2. Reliability

With Generac and Trane standby generators, you and your family can rest assured that electricity to your entire home will be restored automatically within seconds of a blackout. However, with portable generators, you need to manually start the unit, which might be a problem if you’re not at home or if the outage occurs at night.

3. Convenience

Standby generators require professional installation but are hassle-free after that. The engine turns on and off automatically via the automatic transfer switch and runs self-diagnostics to alert you of any issues. Conversely, portable ones require regular refueling, and maintaining them can consume too much of your time and money.

4. Safety

Standby generators pose fewer safety risks. Professionals install them, don’t require dangerous extension cords, and aren’t at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, as they’re located outdoors. Portable units, if not protected or used properly, can lead to hazardous situations.

5. Cost Over Time

Though initially more expensive, standby generators are more cost-effective in the long run. They add value to your home and last longer than portable units, which often require more maintenance and frequent replacements.

a generac home standby generator

Why Choose GenCo Generators?

When considering a standby generator for your Beaufort home, think GenCo Generators. As the leading standby generator team in South Carolina, we provide exceptional service and top-quality Generac and Trane generators to keep your home powered during outages.

We believe standby generators offer superior power output, reliability, performance, convenience, and value. They are a valuable asset for any homeowner, ensuring that power outages don’t disrupt your daily life.

Let GenCo Generators help you find the perfect solution for power needs in your home. We offer professional installation and outstanding customer service to ensure you’re satisfied with your investment.

Living in Beaufort, South Carolina, you know that power outages can strike without warning. While portable generators can offer a quick fix for power loss, they’re not designed for sustained use and often struggle to power more than a handful of appliances. On the other hand, standby generators, such as those from Generac and Trane, are designed specifically for this purpose. They kick into action the moment the power goes out, ensuring you can continue your day with minimal disruption.

Generac and Trane standby generators are the epitome of efficiency and dependability. By choosing a Generac or Trane, you’re opting for product lines that were built to last and can handle the energy needs of your entire home. With an automated system, these generators detect power loss and start running within a matter of seconds, all while your home remains lit.

One of the significant advantages of standby generators is, for how much power they put out, maintenance is relatively low. These generators run self-diagnostic tests to ensure they’re always ready for a power outage. Unlike portable generators, which require regular refueling and manual start-up, a standby generator simplifies your life and saves precious time.

At GenCo Generators, we provide professional installation services, guaranteeing that your standby generator is set up to operate safely and efficiently. Our expert team adheres to all safety standards, ensuring that your generator operates optimally while minimizing any potential risks.

Investing your money in a standby generator not only ensures a continuous power supply but also adds value to your home. Potential homebuyers appreciate the convenience and security of a permanent, reliable power source, making the value and potential price of your property more attractive in the real estate market.

a generac home standby generator

Make the Switch with GenCo Generators

There’s no need to endure the inconvenience and limitations of a portable generator when you can enjoy the seamless power transition offered by a standby generator. If your home’s electrical system is at risk and you’re in Beaufort, South Carolina, consider making the switch. GenCo Generators is here to help.

We are the leading team in generator installation in the region, known for our top-quality Generac and Trane Standby Generators and exceptional customer service. With GenCo Generators, you can trust that you’re investing in reliability, convenience, and safety.